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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 8, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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for bill. martha: "happening now" starts right now. >> good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> i'm jenna lee in for jane skinner. >> happening in the top box, reviving the health care debate. we are live at the white house. where president obama is inviting republicans to -- and democrats to a summit meeting, to try to talk compromise. >> we're going to move on to our second-storey, you see in the second box, five workers still missing, after a deadly explosion at a power plant in connecticut. and, now, word part of the blast site is still too unstable to search and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the explosion in the first place. >> bottom box record snow in the beltway and beyond and now, tracking another blizzard and the question is who gets hit and when? the fox newsroom, keeping tabs on all the breaking stories
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across the country and around the world. our top story, the attorney general, eric holder, pointing to the bush white house as his legal precedent for trying to -- deciding to try the christmas day bombing suspect in federal court instead of treating him as an enemy combatant. now republican lawmakers including arizona senator jon kyl want to know who are the more than 300 terrorists that holder claims were tried in criminal court under the bush administration and why haven't we heard about them? in the meantime, john brennan the president -- president obama's top terrorism advisor is firing back at republicans, accusing them of playing politics, with some of these terror cases. >> frankly i'm tiring of politicians using national security issues, such as terrorism, as a political football. they are going out there, unknowing of the facts, and making charges and allegation that are not anchored in reality. >> well, that stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest, cart rin
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herita-- catherine herridge is live with more from washington. >> reporter: and john brennan is suggesting that the republicans in the house and senate, especially those who deal with intelligence, were well aware, because they had a phone call on christmas day from brennan, indicating that the alleged christmas day bomber was in fbi custody and he says they knew that meant he'd be mirandized or read his rights and would end up in the criminal system and the allegation is made by john brennan against the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader john boehner and the two republicans on the intelligence committee, kit bond on the senate side an pete hoekstra on the house side and what is significant is if i could come up the response of all four members of congress, is they felt the calls on christmas day were really courtesy calls, a status report, they were briefed 3-4 minutes and at no
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time was the legal strategy discussed with them and again a story which remained controversial for six weeks has new legs or new lease on life after the sunday talk shows. >> and there is disagreement between the two sides as to how many suspects have been tried in criminal court. >> yes. we have had two stories playing out in the last six weeks, we've had the controversy over the handling of the alleged christmas day bomber and whether she should have been sent to criminal court as opposed to military custody where interrogation could continue and also controversy over a figure put forward by the obama administration to justify the position the federal courts are the right venue and have consistently said 300 people have been prosecuted in those courts and sent to prison, but the over the weekend, in an interview with cbs the president said otherwise, let's listen. >> president barack obama: they prosecuted 190 folks in these article 3 courts. got convictions. and those folks are in maximum
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security preference right now and there have been no escapes and it is a virtue of our system we should be proud of. >> reporter: what is interesting here is when the president refers to "they" he's referring to the previous administration or bush administration. and the former white house spokeswoman dana perino told fox over the weekend the figure 0300 is grossly -- of 300 is grossly inflated and deal with capital-t terrorists and al qaeda, but the deals with a broad range of people, some of them members of animal rights groups and wouldn't qualify in the strict term for the justification for sending al qaeda members to the criminal system. jon. >> catherine herridge live in washington, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> president obama plans to hold a bipartisan summit on health care later this month. and he's inviting democrats and republicans to work out their
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differences on live t.v. this move coming after criticism the democrats crafted the reform bill by making back room deals behind closed doors, major garrett knows something about live tv, joining us live from the white house. and major, it is true, right? the president, major, said that he left the format a little vague and we know this summit will take place in late february but the how exactly will that work. >> reporter: we don't know a lot of the details about how it will work and republicans are initially open to it. they don't want to refuse an option to talk about health care with the president and during the entire debateknocking on th mr. president, let us in, but the when they sit down will they talk about the house bill, the senate bill, a combination of the two? or start as republicans have asked for many months now, from scratch? there is no indication about exactly what will be on the table. however, the president in his interview before the super bowl
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with katie couric offered some idea of what he will try to accomplish. let's take a quick listen. >> president barack obama: what i want to do is ask them to put their ideas on the table. and then after the recess, which will be a few weeks away, i want to come back and have a large meeting, republicans and democrats, to go through systematically all of the best ideas that are out there and move it forward. >> reporter: okay. systematically go through the best ideas but the that doesn't necessarily mean, they'll be putting a legislative product before the members of congress and some republics i talked to said what will we do, have a debate? will it be a bunch of speeches? will the president be there? will we try and decide on something or merely talk around the issues? until those details are sorted out, the american public will have a hard idea understanding exactly what will be accomplished or what may be try to be accomplished in the meeting. >> you talk to us a lot about political risk on a daily basis and is there political risk for the president, for the republicans? can you talk a little bit about that? >> reporter: for the president, the risk is only this:
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republicans come in there and get the best of them, the white house considers that a low level option for republicans. and the other risk on the other side is for republicans, they come into and have the president talk them into things they don't want to be talked in to or emerge appearing obstructionist and one of the underlying campaign themes for the midterm election in 2010, for the white house is we have not accomplish as much as we could have because republicans have been standing in the way and the president, i'm sure will say, leading up to this and during the meeting what will you do to move the process forward and republicans have to ed, going in what they are willing to do and draw this line on and by that process, the public will have a better idea of what is or isn't possible at least from the republican point of view. in the health care debate. >> major, get out of the snow, for us down at the white house today. >> reporter: thanks, jenna. >> iran says it will produce enriched uranium tomorrow, a move that if true would bring the rogue nation one step closer to building nuclear warheads, iranian officials tell this
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u.n.'s watchdog group it will only be used to make fuel for tehran's medical research reactor and the move prompting calls for more sanctions from western nations, that called on iran to stop its uranium enrichment and ship it abroad instead. iran also announced it will start building ten new nuclear fuel plan this year. >> al qaeda, al qaeda's leader in yemen is calling for a tax against u.s. interest, sayeed al-shari is the second in command in the arabian peninsula and a form detainee released from guantanamo bay and a message released on the internet urges muslims to attack and eliminate americans and embrace jihad and this u.s. is cooperating with yemen's stepped-up campaign against the terrorist group. >> fire officials say five people are still unaccounted for after a huge explosion at a power plant in connecticut. the deadly blast rocked the town
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of middletown yesterday, witnesses described it as a sonic boom and five people were killed and many more injured and crews have not been able to search a section of the plan, it is too dangerous to enter. laura ingle joins us live, what is the latest there. >> reporter: investigators are continuing to interview those who did survive the massive blast that as you said, felt like an earthquake and sonic boom, for everybody from miles around and people had their windows rattled and a lot of people were not sure what happened, and we now know it was a devastating blast that took the lives of five workers at the kleen energy power plant. one of the biggest concerns has been finding people who were at the site and getting an accurate head count, because there were so many contractors involved in the construction of the site, that was off line, and nearly 95% complete, they just don't
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know that everybody has been accounted for and feel they have a good handle on that, though we have been told in just the last hour they do believe there are five people unaccounted for and they are making calls, going through rosters and talking to the contractors. this has been incredibly emotional event, obviously, for the family members who have lost so many and for those who were so badly injured. we are talking about broken bones, blunt-force trauma, 12 people sent to the hospital, many others were hurt. and just a short while ago, as we're standing here, really, at the head of the road, that goes down to the power plant, we saw a bunch of workers come together, many of them hugging, a lot of union workers and a lot of people still looking for their friend, wondering what happened and i want to play you a sound bite from michael rosario, one of the heads of the pipe fitters union, 777. >>... wake up in the morning and we all want to go to work.
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in one piece, and we have our families, kiss our children and go to work and unfortunately, that didn't happen for a few people yesterday. >> reporter: and this company had a very good safety record, in fact there was never a safety violation reported during the course of construction. something investigators are taking a close look at as they continue to search for the cause of the blast which, as we know, most likely will go back to the gas line there was being cleared out and how it could have happened on a routine matter still unknown. back to you. >> very, very sad story. laura ingle, thank you. >> the nation's capital is shut down digging out from an historic snowstorm and guess what? there is more snow on the way! it could be even worse in some areas. janice dean is tracking the system and we'll bring you that story in just about three minute. [ male announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] [ male announcer ] fills you with energy...
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>> happening now, the top box aid groups launching an
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emergency vacation nation campaign for 1 40,000 people in haiti, against the measles, diphtheria and middle box, we expect michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray to be charged today in connection with the pop star's death and we'll go live to los angeles a little bit later in the hour, bottom box, shuttle endeavour en route to the international space station. >> 2, 1... boosters, and lift off of shuttle endeavour. nasa's final space station... >> one of the shuttle programs' final scheduled mission, endeavor is carrying a new room for the international space station and an observation deck, the last major pieces for that orbiting complex. >> a little closer to home now and southern california, they are cleaning up, a muddy mess before the next weather system
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rolls in bulldozers trying to clear out mud and debris and over the weekend heavy rains created mudslides, washing through neighborhoods and damaging 43 homes and la quinnata, the mud is thigh high and mud washed over basins anded flooded streets and swept away furniture. >> digging out of washington, d.c. for a -- from a massive snowstorm, over the weekend and schools are shut down and government offices running on skeleton staffs as plows are working around the clock to try to clear the snow. congress is postponing all votes until tomorrow. and hundreds of thousands of people are stuck in their homes, freezing, because they simply don't have electricity. our steve centanni is there, washington's union station and what is this station there now? >> you are right, about 60 to 70,000 people still don't have electricity, so things are a little rough for them, here in washington's union station, amtrak trains to new york and
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boston begin, things are running fairly well, the trains are on schedule and other amtrak trains are delayed or postponed or cancelled because a lot of limbs are down on the tracks and repair crews have a lot of work ahead of them. things are like a ghost town in washington, d.c., not much happening, most people stayed home and the capitol dome you can see through the trees, as you said, congress in the in session and house was not scheduled to be in session, the senate was scheduled to take votes today. but the they cancelled that. the big challenge is all of this snow as you can see, behind me, looks like we're standing in a pristine field of snow somewhere in alaska or the upper midwest but the it is washington, d.c., the nation's capital and now they are faced with a challenge of clearing it away to try and slowly get things back to normal for people who live in this area and travellers. >> a dare you to make a snow ball and throw it at bill sammon's window. >> reporter: would love that.
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>> steve centanni, thanks. >> a trouble maker, jon scott. really! it's not over yet and there is another round of wild weather moving across the country, is it snow-mageddon part deux. >> yes. and jon scott didn't have to shovel my driveway but the maybe tuesday night he has to come over, the snow totals, incredible across the mid-atlantic, 40 inches, just north of the d.c. area, for colesville and the next storm system and two will merge together and bring us, perhaps over a foot of snow, to parts of the northeast, including new york city. let's look at little rock, you are getting snow now, and dallas, you are going to get quite a bit of rain with this system. as we move towards huntsville and chattanooga ago, a snow event and we could see a
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mixture, wintry mix heading towards the next several hours, your futurecast heading into tuesday, our storm system taking shame. chicago you could see over 6 inches for you, and there is new york city, wednesday, afternoon, and then as we head into thursday, it exits, that is or next system as it moves out, and some of the computer models say, maybe 6 to 12, maybe higher amounts. in new york city. this time. we have to wait and see. >> wow. >> get the shovel ready, jon scott! >> oh... >> i know, i'm sorry. >> the least you can do. >> i like to help janice out. thanks, we love it when viewers send us video and photos and we have been getting great shots from the great storm, snow-mageddon, and from vivian in falls church virginia, that is tiffany the cat, there she is, next to a two foot snow drift against the doorway and the kitty wonders how she'll make it outside. kids having trouble with that,
11:20 am
check out matthew in ashburn, virginia, his mom kathy sent a picture of him standing in his family's yard, waist deep in the snow. if you think the snowmen fared well, in the winter blast, think again, mariah from arlington, virginia, frosty is practically swallowed up by the snow and even a snowman cannot get through it all. check out more photos and videos, log onto, in the top right-hand corner of our home page click on the "you report" think and check out the images there and if you have any pictures or video you want to share, up load it by clicking on the red "up load" button, it is easy and we might use images on the air, >> president obama responding to complaints of back room deals to reform health care and now instead of secret agreements behind closed doors he's inviting democrats and republicans to health care -- a health care summit and plans to invite tv cameras, too. also, don't try this at home,
11:21 am
actually... don't try it at all. this guy getting into the record books, the hard way, wait until you see the rest of the video in three minute.
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>> president obama wants republicans to offer their plans to reform health care. during they bipartisan summit meeting he's called for later this month. no more closed-door meetings, either, the event would be aired live on television, he says and let's talk about it with david drucker, a staff righter for "roll call" and -- writer for "roll call" why the change in approach here, david. >> part of reason is his health care initiative, right now is dead in congress or at least very stalled. either in the house or the senate and second of all i think the president wants to try and
11:25 am
reclaim his efforts to, if you will, be a uniter in washington, d.c. and bring both sides together and try and reduce the partisan rancor, it is something he campaigned on and something he tried to refresh during the state of the union address late last month so i think he sees it as an opportunity to revive major health care reform in an election year which is difficult and looking ahead to 2012, as a way to try and reclaim one of the major themes that helped propel him to off in the first place. >> i wonder if it could be good for him politically. after he had that televised meeting with republican members of congress his approval ratings went up four points. >> i think it never hurts a president to work with members of the opposing party and plays well with independent voters and i think what americans usually want to see is both sides
11:26 am
cooperating together to solve the big issues. and i think his timing for this is a little bit interesting in that he waited until a majority of voters were completely soured on the idea of health care reform at least as the democratic party sees it and i think it would have served him much better had he conducted a meeting like this a year ago or last summer, even late last fall, doing it at this point after the country has already sort of cast its opinion on health care reform, it may help him moving forward politically but the i don't know that it will help him get health care to his desk this year. >> right, you say, voters like to see politician solving the big issues, but the question is, is it a big issue? basic you have 30, maybe as many as 50 million people who are not covered by health care and the vast majority of the country seems happy with their health care plans, if you look at the polls, and a lot of people in
11:27 am
the polling that was done when it was really percolating said, i don't necessarily want congress focusing on this. i want focus on jobs and the economy. >> that is a risk he runs, by bringing health care back at fore, and putting it on television, there is a chance voters looking ahead to the november election say you are spending all of your time on health care and though the unemployment rate dropped from 10 to 9.7%, we don't think you are adequately focusing on job creation. on the other hand, people's outlook on health care is a lot like their outlook on congress, january. if people tend to like their congressmen and hate congress, people like their health care plan if they have one but the don't like health care overall and think it needs to be fixed. and it is true what the country spends on medicare and medicaid, programs for elderly and the poor, those costs are spiraling up and up and up and it will be
11:28 am
a big problem for taxpayers. so the idea the president is trying to tackle the issue i think should be lauded and is necessary and is the type of thing that could do him well if he handles it in a manner that voters respond to. i think his problem is the way in which he went about it last year. >> seemed one-sided to a lot of people. david drucker, thank you. >> you heard people say so-and-so has a big mouth? this guy from australia, really does have a big mouth. check him out. those are 18 swords he's swallowing, each one over 28 inches long and set a "guiness book of world records" and, broke his old record and has been practicing thehe art of swd swallowing since he was 16 and insists it's not dangerous but the it does certainly take a lot of practice, jon. >> his mother must be so proud. more trouble for toyota. a new report out today, about
11:29 am
another recall. the latest problem, how many cars are affected, and what this means, for the world's leading automaker, also, the president's top national security advisor, lashes out at republican critics of the administration's handling of terror cases and we'll talk with one of the lawmakers he calls out in three minute. -- three minutes. h +. a transformation in hair care that harnesses... the power of active naturals wheat complex. we've identified a way to process wheat protein... in formulas that target and repair the weakest parts of hair. a clinical study showed it helps repair damage... in just 3 washes. visit for a free sample. for stronger, shinier... hair with life. aveeno nourish +. that's the beauty of nature and science.
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here's what's happening now, brand new information on the day's big stories, thousands of people leaving a town in
11:33 am
afghanistan, ahead of a u.s. operation to route the taliban there. manual at the pentagon. >> reporter: jon, us and nato forces are telling the people of march gentleman is -- of marjah they are coming. this is the chance to get out, the legitimate government will be replacing the taliban and drawing traffickers after the offensive. the hope is they'll put their weapons off and tip off where the enemy and dangerous ieds are hidden. jon: michael jackson's doctor to be charged did, adam housely live in los angeles. >> the prosecution plans on filing those charges this morning, which means dr. murray will come with his attorney at 1:30 local time this afternoon to turn himself in, he will face the media and answer charges. most people believe the charges will be involuntary manslaughter and this case will take a very long time to prosecute. jon: in new orleans it is an especially big party day
11:34 am
today, chris gutierrez is in the middle of it all. chris. >> reporter: in the middle of this, bourbon street, the day after one of the largest parties this city has ever seen, the streets are wet because city crews cleaned the streets after tens of thousands of fans were here to celebrate the super bowl champion, the world champion, new orleans saints. jon, back to you jon: chris, adam, mike, thank you. that is your news whip. jenna: another day and more trouble for toyota, new reports out today that the world's largest automaker is ready to announce yet another big recall and this one for its hybrid darling the prius. the problem this time is with the braking system, and it's not related to that sticky gas pedal problem we've been talking so much about, that's the problem that prompted toyota to recall more than # million cars in the past month, but it will be another huge blow to toyota's tarnished image. fox business network's todd
11:35 am
mcshain, talk to us about the amount of this all -- this recall. >> reporter: it looks like there's going to be 300,000 cars recalled. we're awaiting the official announcement which we expect tomorrow but the reports out of japanese news agencies today suggest it will be somewhere around 300,000. i think it's very important for peep watching to rcials this is completely separate from the other recall, which is eight different models and the brakes, obviously, a big issue for toyota, and you add it to what they were already going through and the last thing the company needs. jenna: you have the floor mat, the sticky ped always and the brake system with the prius but there was a conversation about the lexous being involved? >> reporter: maybe, not sure yet. apparently the hybrid uses the same as priorous and there's speculation it would be included in the recall but we don't know for a fact this will necessarily happen tomorrow when this one is official, however, there are reports suggesting not one but maybe two model of lexus cars may be included in the
11:36 am
recall. we won't know until tomorrow when we get the official word. jenna: we have been talking to them about this every couple of weeks. thank you very much, jon, back to you. jon: thanks, jenna. republicans are firing back at president obama's top counterterrorism adviser after he called out the gop for, as he put it, playing politics with national security. republicans have been hammering the administration over its decision to try the christmas day bombing suspect in civilian court, instead of in a military try buenaual. deputy national security adviser john brennan says he briefed top republicans about the arrest and none of them raised any objections. one of those people that brennan called to report was congressman keith hokstra, ranking member of the intelligence committee. congressman, i want to begin by replaying some of what john brennan said on the shows over the weekend. you said your blackberry started going crazy after he
11:37 am
said some of these things. i want to play that for viewers in case me he -- they mess missed it and get your reaction. >> on chris makes night i called a number of senior members of congress, mcconnell, bond, boehner and hokstra, i explained he was in fbi custody, that mr. ab was cooperating at that point, they knew that fbi customer des means there's a process you follow as far as myrrh andizing and presenting him to the magistrate. none of those officials raised any concerns, they didn't say is he going to military custody, mur and died, they were appreciative of the information, they kept them informed and that's what we did. jon: congressman, is there something you can dispute about that statement? >> i think i don't know is very accurate, he called us, he gave us a briefing, he gave us a little bit of information but nowhere along in the process did he tell us this is what we are going to do with farouk --
11:38 am
with the chris may day bomb er. jon: abdulmutallab. >> i call him farouk. it's a whole lot easier. no way did he give details and people say how do you know for sure, number one, what jon said, they should have known, they understand what happens it i say he's in custody and it's kind of like no, all of those options were still open when we talked that night but he didn't take us through that. i know he didn't take us through that, because i'm not an attorney. if he had said congressman, we're going to put him through the civilian courts, we're we're going to mirandise him, other options we're considering, but we're going through the military tribunal system, i would have called my attorneys on the intel committee and other attorneys and said hey, what are our option, what's the best way to move forward. we never had the discussion that he outlined. jon: so did you raise a
11:39 am
concern about the fact that he was going to be read his miranda rights? >> we weren't told that he was going to be read his miranda rights. the comment was he's in custody, it's kind of like thanks, john, i knew that. i assumed he wasn't running around detroit or the metro area because we caught him on the plane. so of course i knew he was in custody. john never brought up the discussion of how we were going to handle him. john is trying to change the subject to other things, but of this administration's miserable record on fighting home-grown terrorism and fighting radical jihadists. i mean, they're in hot water for what, moving ksm for new york city? that's not republicans, that's the mayor over there that's now saying it's a bad idea, the police chief. jon: i did want to bring that up, talk about changing the subject, president obama commented on that very topic in his interview with katie
11:40 am
couric over the weekend, the prospect of moving the khalid shaikh mohammed trial out of manhattan. listen to this and let's get your reaction. >> have you rolled out trying confessed mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed in new york any. >> i haven't ruled it out but i think it's important for us to take into account the practical logistical issues involved. if you've got a city saying no and a police department that's saying no and a mayor that's saying new york city that makes it difficult. jon: perhaps the president should have asked those questions before suggesting new york host the trials, congressman? >> absolutely. i mean, this is the whole thing of shoot, ready, aim. he made that mistake in new york, saying we're going to try him in new york city without ever talking to the police chief, without ever talking to the mayor, he made the decision to close gitmo with no plan of where he was going to move them, so every time he thinks he's going to move them to michigan or kansas or illinois, he runs into a firestorm of people that
11:41 am
live in those areas that say mr. president, this is a bad idea, and it's the same thing that happened on christmas night, they made the decision to mirandise far oorks they didn't review that witho farouk, they didn't review it can congress -- with canman or director of intelligence or the fbi. they're making all of these decisions and not consulting with the people who would help them from stepping into pot hole after pot hole. they're having to backtrack on all these issues. >> congressman pete hoekstra from michigan, thank you. >> thank you. onjon next hour, another point of view from a democratic member of the house intelligence committee, speaking with washington state congressman adam smith next hour. jenna: a security breach at the same airport where the taken into custody.
11:42 am
what happened, and the real t. story from this video. we'll tell you what happenedy next.or
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11:45 am
jon: happening now, in the top box senate democrats are looking to push through a jobs bill this week. the bill would extend unemployment benefits for people whose payments have already run out. in the middle box, new threats from north korea that, rogue nation now warning the south any attempts to bring it down would draw strong measures from its military. the tough talk comes ahead of new rounds of diplomacy. in the bottom box a new job for former merrill lynch ceo john thain. he has been tapped to head cit group. you might remember thain brokered the merrill sale to bank of america at the height of the credit crisis in 2008 but he came under fire for having paid out billions of dollars in bonuses to merrill employees before the deal actually closed. jenna: at fox we're on the job hunt for you, millions of americans are relying on part-time work to make ends
11:46 am
meet, a pay -- pay scals are lower and many are forced to juggle more than one job, according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics about 28 million americans hold part-time jobs, about 30 percent of part-time workers would like full-time employment, and more than 8 million americans are classified as involuntary part-time workers. moneyline is live in -- molly line is in boston and that shows you people are scraping by right now. how much of a role does part-time work play here? >> reporter: you know, for millions of families across the country, part-time work is really what's keeping them afloat, what's keeping them from going into foreclosure and the debt collectors away. david faber worked as a business analyst and lost his job, now he's working as adjunct professor, piecing together part-time work, going from roughly $100,000 a year to now about $30,000, he says he's barely scraping by, he has a kid in college right now and really what
11:47 am
he's looking for and hoping for is that light at the end of the tunnel, but he says it's pretty dim right now. >> if you look at the job market as a pyramid, i'm looking at jobs that are second and third level down in the pyramid. there aren't many. and in today's economy, there's 40 or 50 people competing. >> reporter: and he knows he's competing with the people that would like the same type of job that he would like because of the higher salary that he's looking for. he says right now he's barely making it by but long term it's not a viable option to continue this barrage of part-time work. jenna lee? jenna: i'm sure people are listening to the story and thinking that sounds familiar. how many americans are in that same situation, working but not exactly making all the ends meet? reporter exactly. the labor department, the bureau statistics, came out with new numbers, they say 8.3 million people in january are what's called working these part-time jobs for economic reasons, meaning they had their hours cut back or need to make
11:48 am
ends meet, and that is something that's playing out in different states in the country, we're seeing the numbers up in various states. here's a local professor of economics kind of laying out how things are looking in massachusetts today. >> the official unemployment rate counts people who have been looking for jobs in the past four weeks, but there's also a wider measure, called u6, which also counts people who are employed part-time, involuntarily, and that unemployment rate is 17 percent now in massachusetts. >> reporter: this really speaks to a number of people that are underemployed, meaning they're not quite there, they're living right on the economic edge, and this is a whole other segment of the population, in addition to the unemployed rate that's just right there, barely making it by. jenna lee. jen all those nuances show us it's tough out there, tough out there for jobs. molly line for us, thank you, molly. jon: a secure breach shut down a terminal at detroit's
11:49 am
airport for a short time this morning, the area had to be evacuated after authorities say a man walked through a passenger screening checkpoint and refused to come ply with security officers. the transportation security administration says the passenger failed to stop. the buy was arrested by airport police. he is being questioned. passengers evacuated from the area, had to be rescreen ed before they were allowed back into that section of the airport. it is a new strategy in a very bloody war. imagine this, a gunman storming drug rehab centers, killing some of the patients, forcing others to go to work for them. thousands of people terrorized by execution-style killings, beheadings, kidnapping, and it's not happening in some far away land, but just across the u.s. border. and it's spreading. the violence and the story, in just a few minutes.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
jenna: it's a new kind of drug violence, now coming dangerously close to the u.s., drug rehab centers near el paso across the border are targeted by drug cartels looking to recruit recovering adits as hit men, smugler, and there's been deadly fallout from this as well. last october, in fact, gunmen stormed one rehab center, forcing patients and staff members into an inner courtyard before shooting 18 of them dead. two weeks earlier gunmen burst into another treatment center, killed at least ten people there, including two doctors, a month before that, hooded gunmen dragged patients out of a prayer session at a drug and alcohol treatment center in mexico and shot item dead, 18 people in that attack. joining me is michael braun, chief of operations, it's great to have someone with your expertise to give us perspective on this. why are the drug cartels
11:54 am
going after or targeting drug rehab centers? >> well, jenna, it's a great question. the reason they're being targeted, quite frankly, is because drug rehab centers provide powerful cartel members with three things: one, they provide them with an unlimited source of sales men, and they're exploiting and leveraging these rehab centers just for that reason adibilities and -- addicts and drug abusers each have their social networks involving lots of other drug users and drug addicts. so if they can basically take these folks unwillingly, but yet, take them and convert them to sales men, they significantly enhance their ability to sell more drugs
11:55 am
in mexico and just across our border in the united states. the second thing -- jenna: actually, can i stop you there? we're are going to be short on time. i know you've gone after some of the most dangerous drug cartels in the entire world and it seems like every week we get another outrageous story about what's going on in mexico with their drug cartels. is there any chance this is going to get any better? >> look, it's going to get better, and i'm convinced that the violence that's playing out or the level of violence we're seeing in mexico today quite frankly is a product of president calderon's success. as you know, he and his administration have vowed to break the backs of the cartels once and for all, they had to do it basically because as former general barry mccaffrey basically statedna report he completed about a year ago, if the cartel's backs weren't broken in mexico, then the reality of the situation was
11:56 am
within the next decade, mexico could evolve into a marco state. -- a narco state. jenna: hopefully as you say they're backed into a corner and are lacking out. -- and are lashing out. thank you for joining us today, we're out of time. >> thank you. jon: did you their what sarah palin said -- did you hear what sarah palin said over the weekend? she is not ruling out a run in 2012. what are her chances and how does the former alaska governor stack up against other likely candidates? we'll get a fair and balanced debate, coming up.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
jon: lots more news covering a new hour of happening now, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenra lee, in for jane skinner today. here's what we're investigating, on the top, investigators at the scene of a deadly blast, we're hearing five workers -- workers are still
12:00 pm
unaccounted for. why crews are having trouble searching for them. jon: in the middle a major mud invasion in los angeles, neighborhoods inundated with a dirty mess after an intense rainstorm. now word that more rain is on the way. jenna: in the bottom locks -- box, there's more trouble for toyota, reports the japanese automaker will issue another huge recall affecting one of its most popular models. jon: president obama hits the restart button on health care reform, he says democrats and republicans should come together for a white house summit meeting to be aired live on television. the figure meeting, set for february 25th, 2 1/2 weeks from now, but the gop wants to start health care reform from scratch. so are democrats willing to go back to the drawing board? wendell goler, live from the north lawn of the white house. wendell, is the president really willing to start at square one? >> reporter: well, jon, not if it means giving up the democrats' proposals which of course is exactly what the republicans want it
12:01 pm
to mean. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says he welcomes conference and the first thing the president should do is shelf the democrats' entire health care proposals, house republican john boehner likewise welcomed the conference, he said the problem with the democrats' proposals, it's not that the american people don't understand them, it's that they don't like them, the president, however, unwilling to give up on the democrats' plan says republicans have basically gotten a pass of being able to say no without proposals of their own so we want them to come to this conference with specific plans, how lu lower health care costs and at the same time extend health insurance coverage to 30 million americans, how will you get rid of the insurance companies' ability to ban people for preexisting crntion and in the process of bankrupting some families when they run up against lifetime benefit caps. and the president is not willing to accept one or two
12:02 pm
of these improvements, he wants them all, jon. by the way, you can hear work going on in the background, that's likely to be a problem with us for a couple of days, i happy you bare with me. jon: is that a bit of snow removal, i would think? >> in fact it looks like tree removal. why they want to do that now in the midst of these snow, i'm not sure. jon: if republicans are telling the president to start over and he's not willing to listen, what's the point of having this big televised con snrens >> reporter: there are actually several reasons for the conference. the president says if they can go step by step and make some -- find some agreements on individual issues, they might actually make more progress than the house and democrats were able to make on their own, plus the president got high marks for his appearance before the house republican caucus a week and a half ago where he took questions from republican lawmakers, did it live on tv. likewise, this half day long
12:03 pm
health care conference will be live on television. the president taking questions and responding to republicans, and that lep the white house counter problems that the american people had with a health care debate that largely took place behind closed doors after the president promised it would be done pretty much out in the open, jon. jon: wendell goler at a very snowy white house, thank you. jenna: new developments in the war in afghanistan, nato and afghan forces gearing up for a fight in the southern part of the country. reports coming in of thousands of people leaving the town of marjah. you see it in the center of your screen, the largest community under taliban's control in helmand province. mike emanuel has more from the pentagon. explain this a little to us, why announce an offensive, what about the element of surprise? >> reporter: well, jen yarks that's a great question, it's an unusual strategy, but the officials we talked to say the idea is
12:04 pm
letting innocent afghans get out of the way, get out of town, let them know that afghan and coalition forces are coming in and promising a better way of life in the future. if you help us get rid of the taliban and the drug traffickers, we're going to put in an afghan government that will better service your needs and create a better quality of life for you, so the message is get out now, the big fight is coming, jenna. jenna: how precise of a time frame do we have, do we have it down to the hour, do we know exactly when this operation is going to begin? >> reporter: no. we've been told it will come sometime in the next week or week and a half or so but commanders say they want that bit of tactical surprise of when it will precisely start, and they say that we will absolutely, positively know when it's beginning, because there will be a big show of force, both afghan troops and also coalition forces, going in and really going after this area along a taliban strong
12:05 pm
hold and a key drug trafficking area, and so a critical place to, if you will, take over and put afghan forces in charge of that area. jenna: you mentioned a couple of different players in this operation. what about specifically the afghan role here, what are they going to do? >> reporter: well, we know for sure that hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan, has been keenly involved in terms of playing a key role, in planning out this operation. we also knee afghan forces are going to be pared up with american units, pared up with british units, so there's really going to be a strong effort to put an afghan face on this operation, to show the people down south that haven't had any connection to the government in kabul that the afghan government of the future is here now and this is the time to buy in, so the hope will be that the afghan people will be excited to see afghan forces coming in, to try to give them a better way of life. jenna: we'll be watching it closely, mike emanuel for us at the pentagon, thanks. jon: iran says it's taking another step towards
12:06 pm
building what could be a nuclear weapon. presidential ak what din jad giving the -- ahmadinejad giving the green light to create powerful enriched uranium, saying the government is planning to build ten enrichment facilities in the coming year. amy kellogg is live in london. why does iran need uranium that's enriched to the 20 percent level, amy? >> reporter: we've known, jon, they've needed that enriched uranium to 20 percent for some time. they use it for a medical research facility in tehran and in the past, jon, they've gotten those fuel rods from argentine yavment that has run out, iran currently enriches uranium to 3.5% and the big deal that had been discussed, which appears to have fallen through, was that iran would send out its stockpile of 3.5% enriched uranium to russia, there it would be bumped up to 20, sent over to france, france has the technology to turn it into a very specific fuel rod which would then come back to tehran and be used in that
12:07 pm
medical research reactor, jon. jon: why is this proposal causing such snrobs. >> well, iran's declaration, jon, that it's going to just do it on its own, go up to 20 percent, is causing a lot of concern, because there are internationally renowned, nonproliferation experts who say iran simply can't make that fuel into -- or take that uranium and put it into the form of a fuel rod for any civilian use at all so they're going to be further enriching uranium and there's going to be more of that lying around, and also concern among many experts that once you've gotten to 20 percent capability in the enrichment scheme, you're 70 percent of the way of being able to make weapons-grade uranium. that is the concern that both proliferation experts and government officials around the world are expressing today, jon. jon: i know the u.s. is concerned, but what about the rest of the international community? >> yes, secretary of defense gates has said that really
12:08 pm
the pressure track is on now, meaning turning to further sanctions against iran. but actually, he was more mildly spoken than people from france and germany. we heard germany's defense minister lash out and say that iran was conducting a farce, and france's foreign minister saying that iran was engageing in some sort of blackmail. so across the board, particularly european nations and the u.s., a lot of concern that iran has just been playing the rest of the world for time, jon. jon: amy kellogg, live for us, thanks. >> you're welcome. jenna: the east coast got so much snow, you can see it here, can't you, the president calling this snowmegeddon, d.c. is getting ready for even more snow, expected to come sometime tomorrow. kelly wright is live for us in washington. kelly, how you doing down there? jon: doing great. you have to be careful out here, even though we can see that people are now getting
12:09 pm
out on the highways and b byways and driving around. if you look over my shoulder, there's an ongoing operation at the base of the capitol area where they're actually digging snow, there are actually bulldozers, a dumping site for the snow, but you get the mountains of snow, where else can it go? the good news is that the national airport, reagan national airport, is now operating some flights, as well as dulles, as well as dwi, thoro good marshall. baltimore is experiencing heavy snow there. a coupleful suburb, one town receiving 34 inches, another town receiving 40 inches over in that area, and here in d.c., they're saying it's about 17.8 inches but most people are saying the overall average here, 2 feet of snow. the bad news in this, expecting more tomorrow, anywhere from five to 8 inches. that should be starting sometime tomorrow. the other bad news is when you look over here, these
12:10 pm
roads are kind of wet, and as the temperatures dip overnight, you can see that -- whoa, excuse me, i just dipped down a little bit. the camera, if you can catch that, you can see how low i am but that is going to freeze overnight, jenna lee, and as a result of that, that is going to cause problems for people traveling on any of these roads here in washington. so they're probably going to take advantage of this small reprieve right now, because tomorrow, when it comes again, and overnight when the roads freeze again, it's going to be very treacherous at a -- i had a difficult time getting into work myself today because once you hit that smooth sailing and get on that that butchy patch, it becomes like mini potholes, and this is the good stuff. you can have snowball fights jenna: who are you intending that for, kelly? >> reporter: i thought of using it towards members of congress that are not acting responsibly but i thought they're not getting along on
12:11 pm
capitol hill, how about a good old fashioned snowball fight to bring out the best in republicans and democrats? we used to do this at kids, and at the end of the day, everybody is laughing. not a bad idea. jenna: not a bad invitation at all. you might see people joining you, and enjoy it the best way you can, kelly. talk to you soon. jon: and hot chocolate afterwards, right? well, soon, millions of census questionnaires are going to be sent in the mail but there is one word on the form that is a lot of people might find offensive. and it's too late to fix them. the census controversy, next.
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12:14 pm
jon: "happening now" in the top box, the deputy chief of al-qaeda is calling for attacks on saudi arabia and u.s. interests in that part of the world. in the middle box, the saints' super bowl win could make history, the nielsen ratings company saying it got its highest rating in over 23 years. that means when the final
12:15 pm
figures are released later today the game could be the most watched super bowl ever. in the bottom box, court action for actor charlie sheen, he faces a judge about two hours from now on domestic violence charges, even though his wife says she wants to reconcile. sheen is expected to enter a plea later today. jenna: less than a month from now, questionnaires for the 2010 census will be sent out. some people are saying one of the questions on race shows a lack of sensitivity and it could already be too late to reprint the booklets and fix the problem. james rosen is live in washington. james, tell us, what is the problem here, and how can the census bureau fix it? >> reporter: jenna, objection has been raised to the use on the 2010 census forms of the word "negro". some african-american groups say the term is not just archaic and passe but offensive, a relatic of the segregation era, relative to the n word, but linguistic
12:16 pm
experts tell fox news that significant numbers of black men and women identify with the term proudly, indeed in the 2000 census despite the availability of a box to check labeled black, african-american or negro, some 55,000 people used a separate space to write in the word negro, and fully half of those were under the age of 45. nonetheless, speaking with fox news last month, census bureau director robert groves, an obama appointee, offered a mea culpa. >> in retrospect, i think we could have done better on this and i want to apologize on behalf of all my colleagues. there's no offense that we intended on this. we really wanted to be inclusive of all terminology, and the other thing to note, we have a test built into the 2010 census, the effect of asking it with the word negro and without, so all of us will know the effects of that change when we finish the census. >> reporter: so depending upon the range of responses offered, 2010 could be the
12:17 pm
last census to offer americans the chance to identify themselves as negroes, jenna. jenna: this political controversy erupted at roughly the same time as another that involved use of the very same word, didn't it? >> reporter: yes. director groves' apology came days after the senate leading democrat said he was sorry for having described president obama in similar terms. senate majority heard harry reid told the authors of game charges and insiders last month that he believed the country was read dwroa elect a black man to the presidency, especially one like president obama who was, quote, light-skinned with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. reid said he had used a poor choice of words and his comments were improper, black leaders swiftly accepted reid's apology and said it was time to focus on more important issues, jenna. jenna: saims rosen for us in d.c., thanks jaime. >> thank you. jon: sarah palin will not
12:18 pm
rule out throwing her hat into the ring for president in 2012. and she has some advice for president obama. a fair and balanced debate on the former governor's prospects as a presidential candidate and her advice. that's next.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
jon: sarah palin says she is leaving the door open for 2012. the former raz -- former alaska governor and fox news contributor telling chris wallace she is not ruling out a run for the white house, making the remarks following her appearance at a tea party convention this weekend. how does he stack up against the other potential gop contenders? let's get a fair and balanced debate underway, kirsten power, fox analyst, also with us, chip salzman,
12:22 pm
campaign manager for mike huckabee's presidential campaign. before we get this thing underway, let's listen to what the former alaska governor said t. was really our chris wallace who stirred it up. take a listen. >> why wouldn't you run for president? >> i would. i would, if i believed that that is the right thoing do for our country and for the palin family, certainly, i would do so. >> how do you make that decision over the next three years? >> it's going to be thankfully a lot of time to be tiebl make such a decision. jon: all right, so kirsten, let's start with you, coming from your side of the political aisle, you're not exactly a big sarah palin fan. what do you think about her announcement? >> i think it's not surprising, first of all, i think that she is very, very popular, i always thought this is what she was going to do, she connects really well with people, she can raise a lot of money, she can excite people, and there's really no downside for her in terms of doing this. i think that it takes total sense. jon: chip, what about it, is she considered a frontrunner now?
12:23 pm
>> i don't know if she's considered the frontrunner but she's certainly at the front of the list when you talk about people running for president and as much as it pains me, she excites the base, she's popular, she can raise money, but she's decisions are very personal and i've been with a few people as they've gone through deciding to run for president, a couple have said yes, a couple have said no and ultimately it does come down to them sitting in the living room with their family and saying do we want to want -- do we want to put ourselves through this, she's not a young family and she's going to have to make the decision in the next 12-18 months. >> and she said she's looking at other contenders and have said there are other people who might northbound a better position than she is to run. who do you think, chip? >> i'm not going to be that fair and balanced here because i think i've got a favor in the race with mike huckabee, i he's well positioned and would be instantly the frontrunner if he decides to run but there are others, myth rom next jim palenty, there are others looking the a the race and as you see this
12:24 pm
race develop we're even going to be talking about people next year that we're not talking about this year as we go through this long process. op jon kirsten, she says she thinks president obama could be a one-term president if he doesn't change something. you want to take that one on? >> well, i mean, shocking sarah palin thinks he might be a one-term president, she doesn't like anything he's doing, she gave him a lot of advice and again, it pains me a little to say i think she gave him pretty good advice, even though maybe the way she gave it wasn't, you know, the way i would have given it but she feels he's lecturing too much, not listening enough, that he really needs to hear what the country is saying about health care, he was sort of forceing it down their throats and not really explaining things and i think she was pretty right about that. you know, i don't think he's going to be a one-term president, i think the economy is going to turn around and it's going to work in his benefit but there's no way to predict that at this point. jon: chip, are they listen to go what she had to say, and putting that on the president's daily briefing
12:25 pm
at the white house today? >> you know, something tells me this is not what they discussed at the senior staff meeting in the oval office, i doubt if anybody even listened to the speech on senior staff, but it is good advice and i think he's well on his way to being a one-term president unless he decides to change course. i mean, i think right now he's sitting there, trying to think do i want to be bill clinton or jimmy carter because definitely he's on a jimmy carter path. jon: and he does seem to have changed course, kir sten, not to take it too far away from the topic at hand, which is sarah palin, but he's reaching out to republicans, seeing saying -- eeg says that -- he does seem to be taking a page from her play book. >> or taking a page from bill clinton's play book, depending upon how you think about it. it does seem like he's gotten the mess ang but it seems in the upcoming meeting with republicans which hopefully will be televised and having these negotiations and listening to what republicans' ideas are is something he should
12:26 pm
have done a year ago, i think, and so to me, that says that they are hearing the message and they are going to try to address these issues. jon: kirsten power, chip salzman, it's going to be interesting to watch, as campaign 2012 is almost getting underway. thank you both. jenna: iran's president again flexing his nuclear muscle necessary direct defiance of the west but how much of his claim is brav ado and how much is a real threat? we're going to take a closer look, next.
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12:30 pm
jon: bovment hours, here is what's happening now. brand new information on that the big stories fox is following. it's just n. all people are accounted for now after that deadly power plant explosion. laura ingle is live in middletown, connecticut with more. laura. >> reporter: john jon, the mayor of middletown has confirmed with fox news that all have been accounted fovment it's been a big problem as investigators and urban search and rescue teams have been going inside that plant looking for any possible survivors. now that they know that everyone is accounted for the focus on the investigation can really take form. investigators are said to be mapping out the blast site. they will continue to work with local and state fire marshals to find out exactly what went so terribly wrong yesterday. back to you. jon: the ceo of fiat is facing backlash with his plans to fix the company. >> reporter: that's right, fiat is supposed to be the
12:31 pm
savior of chrysler. it's unclear at this point whether that will happen. right now fiat has plenty of problems right here at home in italy, especially in sicily, they have said they're going to close a plant by the end of next year, a lot of people in arms about that, at least 1500 workers there, a lot of suppliers also dependent on jobs. for those that like fiats in the united states, the fiat 500 should be ready by the end of the year. jon: another big storm walloping the country and the east coast. janice dean has the details. >> reporter: we've got two systems, one across the northern plains affecting the midwest and another across the southern plains, bot of these storms are going to combine and bring us yet again more snow, another foot, maybe 2 feet for philadelphia. we saw record breaking snow across the d.c. area. so anywhere from 6-12 inches, anywhere from arkansas, all the way up to new england. we're watching it, jon, we'll keep you up to date. back to you. jon: thank you, thanks to
12:32 pm
greg and laura as well. jenna: new developments in the war of words over the handling of christmas day bombing suspect, republicans firing back today after comments from president obama's top counterterrorism adviser john brennan. brennan claims he briefed republicans about abdulmutallab's handling on the night of his arrest, and none of them raised any objections to trying him in civilian court instead of a military tribunal. we heard from one of the people in that briefing, congressman pete hoekstra, in the last hour, an now for a fair and balanced look at this story, joining me on the phone is washington state congressman and democrat adam smith. congressman smith serves on the house committee of intelligence and congressman, give us your take, what do you think about this indication and what mr. brennan had to say yesterday? >> i think since the christmas day bombing there isn't any question that a fair number of republicans have been harshly and partisanly critical of what
12:33 pm
president obama has done and i think it's unfortunate because i do think we need to take a critical look at any administration is doing on terrorism poll section look at what's work and not working but so many criticisms coming from the republicans are polar beyond sits of what they said when president bush did the exact same thing and here's a case that's most analogous, the richard reid shoe bomber, mirandise dollars, civilian court, the whole 9 yards, not a peep from republicans, now all of the sudden because president obama is doing it, it's a grave, unbelievable threat to our national security. it doesn't sound credible. jenna: we don't want our emotions and safety to be politicized, we need to feel safety with this, but how does the situation like we're in, with such opposing different views on how something should be hand, how does it not become a political football? >> keep it substantive, policy-driven and make sure there's a principle behind
12:34 pm
the criticism. for instance i think there are legitimate questions to be raised about the decision to try khalid shaikh mohammed and others in new york versus in the military tribunal system. a military tribunal system which we specifically set up for these kind of cases. i think there's great analysis to be had as to what's the right way to go, when do you need to treat people as enemy combat ants and you don't, but when the criticism is so knee-jerk and so directly opposite to what was said directly under president bush you lose any hint of fairness. you've got vice president cheney going so far to say that our president, president obama, is, quote, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, end quote. that doesn't sound like thoughtful criticism to me, that sounds like trying to bring down the president's credibility. jenna: for those currently in office on both sides, set the stage for us, how should both sides proceed going forward? >> take a step back and let's focus on the issues and not talk about what president bush did right or what president obama did right, let's look at the whole counter sism issue and
12:35 pm
say what's the right approach, keep it focused on policy, why should it be done in a military tribunal versus a civilian court, what are the pros and cons, talk about that instead of saying, you know, president obama is jeopardizing the security of this country, you know, why not just say here's why i think a military tribunal makes more sense, and president obama has said he's going to try people under the military tribunal, he's even said he's going to hold enemy combatants without trial in m instances as sort of prisoners of war because there's no choice. i think there is flexibility here but i hope we have a more constructive conversation. jenna: we appreciate you participate -- participating in that that today, congressman smith, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, appreciate the chance. jon: despite the world's efforts to get iran to shut down its nuclear program, mahmoud ahmadinejad is telling his nuclear scientists to up the level of uranium enrichment from 3.5% to 20 percent purity. this move could theoretically take iran another step closer to
12:36 pm
producing nuclear weapons. does iran really have the ability to build a nuclear bomb? how much of this is just posturing? jim walsh is an international security expert with mit's security studies program and joins us now. what about it, is this bluster from ahmadinejad or is it possible that it will enrich uranium to greater extent? >> well, jon, i hope it is bluster. it does cross a line. it is a provocative act. and they have notified the international atomic energy agency that they plan to do this. now, that said, there are a lot of problems in iran right now, and there are rumors to be a lot of problems in the nuclear program, so it may be they don't follow through or maybe they enriched a little bit but in any case, i think it's a regrettable decision and a provocative one. they don't need to do it and even if they were to enrich it to 20 percent, that will not allow them to make, to fashion, these fuel rods they need to put in their
12:37 pm
reactors. there are only two -- two countries that can do that, argentina and france. i think this is needlessly stoking the flames on this particular issue. jon: you mentioned they have problems in iran right now, this coming thursday they're going to mark the anniversary of overthrowing the shah and bringing in the islamic republic. a lot of people say the government is just trying to look powerful, act powerful at a time when there could be riots in the streets. >> jon, i think you put your finger on exactly what is going on here. now, if you had listened to most pundits, 48 hours ago, two days ago, they would have said when ahmadinejad said something positive about this nuclear deal, he went on tv telling the nation we should go and do it, everyone said oh, this is a flaw, they're trying to lull us asleep, but that theory obviously turned out to be wrong. you don't lull us to sleep by then doing that and then following it with a provocative action. this is not about some sort of grand strategy in iran,
12:38 pm
this is about a meltdown in their internal politics. when ahmadinejad came out and said something positive about the deal, what happened? he was criticized by the hard line newspaper in tehran, he was criticized by members of his own party, as well as performers -- reformers. this is about divisions in iran in trying to protect his flank and the government trying to hold on to power as it goes into this very delicate area next week. jon: jim walsh, from mit, thank you. jenna: we're at the fox business desk, taking a look at the markets, some of the big news, the markets are quiet. but if you own a business, there's good news for all of us, the nation's largest lender to small business has a new boss today. >> john thain is brought in as the new boss for cit. a lot of issues surrounding his departure from merrill lynch. i was talking to analysts
12:39 pm
today and many made a strong case for bringing thain in because he's known for turning companies around, brought them into the 21st century, so to speak, went to electronic trading, started to maybe do it at merrill lynch and then the financial system blew up and he was able to orchestrate a sale of merrill before arguably that company could have went under. he got them out of it. jenna: but he was criticized for big bonuses and redecorating his office with major money. are there some things we should be concerned about here? >> apparently the board discussed all that and took it into account and still thought this was the best person for the job. jeffrey peeker who used to be at merrill lynch was the ceo at cit, they knew he was leaving for a while, they had been searching for something like four-months and they came to the conclusion that thain was the right guy for the job. it was like sean payton going for that kick at support bowl. it's a sports analogy if we can. he's a genious, it's a gutsy call. if he wasn't, it would be a bone-headed move. if cit gets turned around,
12:40 pm
this would be a great hire, if he doesn't -- >> how much is he getting paid. >> 500 grand in cash and 5 million in restricted stock, which is wall street, where people get paid in stock, have to work there a few years before you can cash that in. in cash, $500,000 salary. jenna: pretty good money. thank you. back to you jon. jon: thanks. from supermarket to gas stations we all know that competition is good to consumers, right? why do some states make an exception when it comes to health care? john stossel takes a look at what's good about america,d next.
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jenna: at the top of the hour it's "america live" with megyn kelly. here's a preview. good morning megyn. >> it turns out we were focused on health care reform, something very bad was happen wg social security. stu varney fills us in. plus a seven-year-old as a sexy samba queen in -- queen
12:44 pm
in rio for carnivale, child advocates have filed an action to stop it. deal debate it. >> a tax writeoff for a sex change operation? the plaintiff says it's like -- like an apec demotomy. -- appendectomy. a fair and balanced debate on that one. jenna: sounds good, thanks megyn. competition is good for american business but maybe not so much when it comes to health care. that's because a little-known state law may be driving up your health care costs. here's now john stossel and another of his series what's good about america, today's subject, health care competition. >> maybe we should rename the series what's good and bad about america. this one is both. suppose in the early days of cable news, someone has come up with the idea for fox news, should cnn have been allowed to decide that fox news is not allowed to compete with them?
12:45 pm
it sounds ridiculous, but that's how it works for hospitals in most of america >> north carolina hopes to get a new hospital. investors were ready to build. >> this is where the new holy springs hospital was supposed to be built but plans for the $110 million facility have stopped in their tracks. >> stopped because of a law appropriately called a con law. con stands for certificate of need. in other words, to build a hospital, you have to convince state regulators that the hospital is needed. president nixon signed the policy, because he thought america had too many hospitals. and he thought decreasing the number would lower health care costs. but that was ridiculous economics. limiting a number of suppliers raises costs. it doesn't lower them. >> the certificate of need program absolutely screws consumers, it limits their choices and by reducing the overall supply of hospitals, it jacks the prices up of the beds that are lucky
12:46 pm
enough to be there. >> why don't they get rid of it? >> because the people in business have the power and keep competitors out. >> in north carolina this man represents the existing hospital, you think they want more competition? >> we don't think it's in the best interest of the citizens of north carolina. >> give me break! no one needs a certificate of need to open a supermarket or a gas station or an animal hospital. and look how well that works out for animals. >> you should treat humans the same way you treat dogs and cats, it should ab -- it would be a sweet thing. >> sweet because there's lots of competition. if you're an animal, a dog or a cat, there are eight animal hospitals within close driving distance of where we're speaking now. there's no hospital for people. something is wrong with that. >> 14 states have repealed con laws but 36 states still have them. largely because the established hospitals like the con law. it lets them say no to
12:47 pm
competition. and the public rarely complains, because the public seldon even knows about this. animal owners know about competition. they shop around. look for better price -- for better prices or convenience, and that forces vets to cater them. >> my clients can get ahold of they 24/7 and i still give out my cell phone. >> you can get into a pet hospital, any time of day or night. >> they stay open because they have lots of competition. >> so you have to do something your practice that will differentiate you. >> people rarely shop around for our own health care. also, because we rarely pay our own bill. government pays. or information companies pay. >> there's something sick in a system where we are quicker to change vets than we are to change general practitioners or surgeons but it's partly because when you pay for fido's care or kitty's care you're paying directly out of your pocket and as a result you really watch your dollars. >> vets embrace that. >> it's great that
12:48 pm
veterinarians can be entrepreneur, veterinary medicine, we could have two practices right next to one another and it's the consumer deciding to whom they want to go. >> competition is always a good thing. >> are pets really getting a better deal than we are in the states? >> i wouldn't say in all cases, i would hope humans get better care but when i've reported in con and we showed people who have to wait to see a doctor, we found one town where they had a lottery, they pull names out of a box, once a month, they call people up, congratulations, you can see the doctor now. in canada, vet care has the latest equipment, and you can get in right away, because it's private. >> that's interesting. >> people say their own bills. >> four legs better than two. last show you through a baseball through a glass in front of boone pickens. you got anything scheduled like that? by the way, pretty good arm, jon. you can watch stossel on the fox business network and
12:49 pm
john is going to bring you debates about the role of government, all with a live studio audience. you can actually be a member of the aud ebbs if -- aud fence you're in new york. think about it. that's thursday nights on fox business. back to you. jon: jenna, you have probably heard about being bored to death, but guess what, it's real. dr. keith adlow will talk about how boreddom really is shorten your life. 
12:50 pm
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jon: let's take a look at what's happening now, in the top box aid groups are launching an emergency vaccination campaign for 40,000 people in haiti, part of an effort to protect quake victims in
12:53 pm
port-au-prince against theo against the measles, dip dwhreer and tetanus. the rogue nation the south koreans any attempts to bring it down about bring -- will bring strong measures, talk tough and a new round of diplomacy scheduled. in the bottom box, live at miami international airport, the super bowl champs, the new orleans saints, are getting on board that plane that's going to take them back to the big easy and a boisterous welcome there. jenna: they don't have a boring job. do you have a boring job? jon: i love this job. jenna: never admit to that. researchers in london say it could literally kill you, the boredom. british scientists say 7000 civil serve apartments over a seven-year period, those feeling with a great deal boredom were 37 percent more likely to die by the end of the study. joining me with more on this, psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith adlow. come on, doctor, is this
12:54 pm
true? >> jenna, it's really true. i mean, this is a big study, this is 25 years, 7000 people, over 7000, and a finding not of 5 percent difference, but 40 percent more likely to die. why? number one, because these people tend to resort -- bored workers tend to resole to alcohol and smoking in order it temper boredom, they get sick over it. beyond that i can tell you we know now, there's just so much information that depression and things like this are triggers for heart attack and stroke. the mind-body connection, the answer is in, it's very real, it's very dangerous, and we have to address it. it's like a public health epidemic, it really is. >> it's not just the borrowdom, it's the activities that some of these workers chose to indulge in to, well, fix their boredom. is that what the study is really showing? >> absolutely. that the behaviors that these workers, civil serve apartments, another argument against increasing the ranks of government employees,
12:55 pm
civil servants who are bored tended to do things like smoke and drink more. why? because they feel bad. they want to distract themselves. look, here's part of the practical message, indulge your real interests, your creative impulses, athletics, get outside, be with your family. if you know that you find your work tedious, consider it a real threat to your health and indulge parts of yourself that can't be focused on at work, because it's a very real threat. jenna: dr. adlow that, leads to my next question, wall to wall excitement is exhausting, it's an exhausting job to have wall to wall excitement for your life. what is the one thing you can do if you're feeling a little bored maybe today or what is the one thing that you should do or consider to fix that borrowdom -- boredom, besides drinking beer? >> here's the thing, everybody has interests. if you find yourself in a job, number one, that's monotonous, that isn't your kind of thing, number one
12:56 pm
is, i know the market is tough rand all of that, but when the economy improves, maybe you do look to switch to something that would engage you more. but take this preventative step, find something that really is engaging to you, whether it's a great book or an interest in movies or your family or sports, make sure you do that outside of work, because i believe that can be a buffer against the worst kind of pathology that comes from being bored at work. and guess what, jobs aren't inherently boring, per se, even if they're tedious. look for the ways you can contribute to the success of a company, even if you're sitting at your desk. do a great job. that's not boring. jenna: we appreciate your contribution, dr. adlow, thank you very much. >> thanks jenna. jon: more debt worries for washington. this time a big part of most retirees' nest egg is in real trouble, we're talking social security, in the red for the percent time in decades. stu varney on what is going to make this mess even
12:57 pm
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